The Doctor Is In

Welcome to the SharePoint Therapist.

Last year I wrote a series of blog posts about SharePoint Governance on my main blog, Working It Out.  I got a tremendous response from readers, and EndUserSharePoint asked for and received permission to reprint my articles on their site.

Having spoken at a couple of SharePoint user groups, I was asked to submit a session proposal for SharePoint Saturday Austin 2012.  After some thought, I submitted a couple of proposals, and was selected to do one.

The session I did was called SharePoint Group Therapy: A SharePoint Governance Workshop.  After the response I got on my Governance articles, I decided that governance was a topic I wanted to do more with.  But I was reluctant to do what would amount to a live audio version of my blog posts, and, based on what I was learning about speaking, i was beginning to believe that PowerPoint slides often hindered communication rather than helping it.

I wanted to do something different, something that was more than a stand-up talk, something without slides.  The idea behind the session was to make the audience participants and discuss the issues and pain points in their SharePoint environments and how they relate to governance. The other participants, led by myself, would share our similar experiences, and offer advice, solutions, or at the very least, sympathy.

Which sounded a lot like group therapy.

The session was  well received and I decided that there was a lot more that could be done in that format.  I’ll be taking my session on the road and attending other SharePoint Saturday events and perhaps other SharePoint User Groups, but I also realize I can’t be everywhere at once, and you probably have issues and concerns RIGHT NOW.

So I have set up so I can offer my advice (and sympathy) for your (SharePoint) issues.  And since I am not the end-all, be-all, fount of all SharePoint wisdom, I want your help too.  Bring your perspective and experience and help me help the SharePoint Community by offering your advice as well.

Whenever someone submits a question via either e-mail or Twitter, I’ll set up a post with their question, and whatever wisdom I can bring to bear on the issue.  But I’ll want your input too!  Please subscribe using the button on the right so you’ll be notified when a new question is posted.

Like my session, this is an experiment to see if it is a valuable tool for the SharePoint community, so I’d like your feedback on the site, too – whether this is helpful, what is working and what isn’t.


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