SharePoint Saturday Houston Throwdown: Whither the Squeaky Wheel?

One of my favorite things about my SharePoint Group Therapy governance session is when someone disagrees with me.

Unlike most sessions, where the presenter stands up in front of an audience and provides little room for disagreement, my session encourages a free-flowing discussion among the audience as well as questions directed to me, and this allows plenty of room for disagreement.

As long as all sides are unwilling to become entrenched in their point of view, out of that disagreement can come a deeper understanding of the issues and the options for resolving them.

Case in point, this past weekend’s SharePoint Saturday Houston, which I felt was the best version of my session I have ever had. Sitting in the back row, Tiffany Songvilay had a few choice words when I suggested that you invite some of your more difficult users into your governance committee, a tactic I have suggested before.

For the benefit of those who were unable to attend the event, I present to you the Great Debate: What to do about squeaky wheels?

Once you have read both sides, it will be your turn to weigh in on the debate!

Keep Your Friends Close, Keep Your Enemies Closer, by Jim Adcock
Keep Your Friends Close, Keep Your Enemies Far Far Away, guest post by Tiffany Songvilay
Your Turn!

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