SharePoint Group Therapy on SharePoint ShopTalk

In case you haven’t heard, I’ve joined the panelists on SharePoint ShopTalk, a weekly webconference where you can interact with panelists, ask your questions and share your thoughts and opinions too!

On the Thursday, June 28 edition of SharePoint ShopTalk, I’ll be leading SharePoint Group Therapy (A SharePoint Governance Workshop), a session formatted as an open discussion where I talk about some of the governance challenges I have faced, and ask everyone else to share their challenges as well,  Together, in the style of group therapy, we’ll discuss everyone’s SharePoint problems and work together to provide solutions and approaches to managing your SharePoint governance issues.

This session will be reprising the successful format of sessions run at SharePoint Saturday Austin in January, and SharePoint Saturday Houston in April of this year.

Every SharePoint implementation is unique, as they each live in in their own environment of users, business objectives, requirements, and organizational cultures.  The workshop format allows us to tailor solutions to the problems in your environment.  But despite the uniqueness of your implementation, the pains you feel are a lot like the pains felt by others, so (at the very least) you’ll be discussing your SharePoint problems with a sympathetic group.

Sign up to attend next week’s SharePoint Group Therapy on SharePoint ShopTalk!


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